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World cuisine recipe kits for curious cooks

Choose from our range of immersive cooking experiences, with carefully sourced speciality ingredients and expert guidance all included. We’ll deliver to your door, ready for you to explore new tastes, aromas and techniques. No subscription, no shopping, just the pleasure and satisfaction of real world cooking.

Discover the magic of cooking

Connect with yourself, loved ones and different cultures with our range of cuisines and world cooking experiences.
Cook yourself

Cook yourself

Choose from over 180 recipes and cook your next adventure.

Live experiences

Live experiences

A unique chance to cook live with an expert chef.

Gifts for foodies

Gifts for foodies

Find the perfect present for budding cooks and passionate foodies.

Multi-box bundles

Multi-box bundles

Delve into a specific region or multiple cultures with expertly curated bundles.

Join the world-food movement!

Hear from fellow foodies who have loved creating exciting menus from scratch.

Around the world in 8 cuisines

Choose from over 180 recipes and go on a culinary adventure.

Make your occasion truly special

Elevate your celebrations and cook a feast that will leave your loved ones speechless.

Date Night

Dinner Party



How it works

Each box is a new adventure. Wherever you are on your culinary journey, we will take you a step further.

Choose from
180+ recipes

Choose from 180+ recipes

Explore new tastes and techniques from 8 world cuisines.

Book your
free delivery

Book your free delivery

We’ll deliver everything pre-measured and ready to go!

Be guided by award-winning chefs

Confidently master cuisines you’ve never tried before.

Connect over a
delicious meal

Connect over a delicious meal

Share your love and passion through food.

What's in the box

There is a lot more to cooking an authentic meal than finding the right recipe. A lot of the soul lies in the ingredients and techniques refined over time and passed through generations. You can Cookaway just once in a while, but this will be your time to appreciate the true art of cooking.

Recipe cards

Step by step guidance from expert chefs

Premium produce

Grass fed beef, organic vegetables

Pre-measured ingredients

Just enough of what you need to reduce waste

World ingredients

Hard to find, sustainability sourced ingredients

Recyclable packaging

95% of our packaging is recyclable

Something special

Add extras like wine and chocolates

Meet our chefs

Each of our world cuisines is headed by an experienced Cookaway Chef who is passionate about the unique heritage, influences and ingredients of their food. Prepare to expand your horizons as the Cookaway Chefs share their favourite recipes from around the world.
Peter Meechan

Peter Meechan

"Being a chef is an obsession, you constantly think about food, seasonality and how to approach things differently. Even when you go out to eat, everything has to be perfect."

Jack Lucas

Jack Lucas

"Sharing indulgent food that has real wow-factor is a wonderful way to celebrate together."

Irini Tzortzoglou

Irini Tzortzoglou

MasterChef Champion 2019

"While ingredients are king, the time taken preparing and presenting a dish honours the person eating it."

Reiko Hashimoto

Reiko Hashimoto

"Eat mindfully: take care to enjoy what you cook and eat."

Ping Coombes

Ping Coombes

MasterChef Champion 2014
Champion of Champions Winner 2021

"Every recipe has a story, a memory. It's an expression of love, shared through food."

Claire Hutchings

Claire Hutchings

"Inspiration is everywhere: explore, experiment, share and enjoy!"

Nidhi Verma

Nidhi Verma

"Learn to cook fresh food every day and discover joyful, healthy living."

Sara Danesin

Sara Danesin

"There is divine pleasure in humble ingredients prepared with amore."

Sumayya Usmani

Sumayya Usmani

"Pakistani food is the confluence of ancient heritage and modern influences."

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