Best Traditional Spanish Christmas Foods

My Favourite Traditional Spanish Christmas Foods by Spanish Cookaway Chef, Claire Hutchings.

The best traditional Spanish Christmas foods are the simplest. I love cooking Christmas treats at this time of the year. Usually, I start my Christmas cake in November to give it a good month or more to be fed and mature. I really love Christmas traditions, and for me there’s nothing better than a homemade traditional mince pie with brandy cream!

Homemade traditional mince pie with brandy cream.

traditional christmas foods

For me, it’s very important to use suet and make your own lard for the pastry. I also think it’s fundamental to make your own candied fruits. I really cannot say enough how different and delicious these are compared to a shop bought mince pies, or even shop bought mincemeat! It is well worth the time and effort.

As I live in Spain and spend most of my Christmases here, I submerge myself into Spanish traditions. We have our main feast on Christmas Eve and celebrations typically start with freshly slice Iberian ham, caved straight of the bone.

Seafood is really big at Christmas! I have memories of piles of sweet langoustines, prawns and crab being served and eaten very simply with lemon. They’re so good, they really need nothing more! This would then be followed by a whole roast suckling pig (cochinillo) served on a bed of onions and potatoes.

Then dessert would be Torrijas which is caramelised bread almost like a caramelised French toast. The bread is soaked in infused milk and then fried and rolled in sugar and served with a cinnamon infused custard. It’s so delicious, I feel I should share this recipe!

Claire Hutchings Torrija Recipe
Spanish Torrija

If you haven’t seen it already – don’t miss my mulled wine recipe. It’s so easy to make, and it’s a real crowd pleaser!

I hope that’s inspired you to try something new this festive season. Wishing you and your family all the very best this Christmastime.

Love, Claire x