our mission

We’re a team of food-lovers who are passionate about bringing you exciting authentic world cuisines. It is our mission to make it easy for you to try cooking and eating something new with our deliciously diverse Cookaway recipe boxes.

our chefs

Each Cookaway Chef is chosen for their expertise in a particular cuisine, and will have years of experience running kitchens, restaurants or cookery schools. Our chefs also have a strong passion for the heritage of the food they prepare, and an understanding of the way it is cooked and enjoyed in real homes.

our philosophy

Authenticity, quality, and variety are the principles we value most highly. Each and every ingredient we supply is carefully chosen by our experienced chefs because of its superior flavour or performance. We strive to bring you authentic recipes, prepared as they would be enjoyed in real homes.

We believe that a healthy diet is a balanced diet, so our Head Nutritionist ensures that all our recipes include plenty of fresh vegetables, and a good balance of protein and slow-release carbohydrates.