We want you to enjoy your Cookaway without having to worry about the impact of our packaging on the environment.

Our tenacious team has dedicated countless hours to researching and testing packaging that gets your food to you in tip top condition without sacrificing the environment along the way. We are always on the lookout for ways to make our packaging more sustainable, and we’re excited about innovative improvements that are being tested right now. We’ll introduce them to you just as soon as we can. Rest assured we are on the case and we’re not giving up.

How to recycle our packaging

how are we doing today?

100% recyclable

Nothing destined for landfill

All our packaging is recyclable through widely available local council facilities. We don’t use any non-recyclable plastics or alternatives such as starch derived PLA (Polylactic Acid) that claim to be compostable, but for which the infrastructure does not currently exist in the UK.

95% natural & renewable

Kinder to the environment

On average across all our products, 95% of our packaging is made from natural and renewable resources. 52% is paper-based, 38% glass and 5% metal.

Zero % composite plastics

Easier to recycle

Only 5% of our packaging is plastic and we don’t use any composite plastics, which means our plastic pots and other items packaged by our suppliers are easy to recycle with your household collection.


how to recycle our packaging

A few more points:

The percentages shown above are calculated across our whole product range, so don’t worry if your Cookaway box seems to contain more or less of some packaging types.

Our packaging has been designed using materials that are widely recyclable across the UK. However, recycling facilities do vary so please check with your local council if you are at all unsure. If your council is unable to recycle any of our packaging, we’d love to know about it.

If you have any further questions or suggestions for how we can improve our packaging, please contact us via email, phone or our online form.