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Take the stress out of cooking with a vegetarian meal box

Elevate your #MeatFreeMonday experience with a vegetarian meal box from The Cookaway, whether you follow a plant-based diet or not.

Meat free but packed with enchanting flavours and aromas, have a veggie night in and indulge in something amazing.

From Greek Aubergine Kritharoto to Vegetarian Ramen, delight your senses and discover a new favourite.

Almost half our meal boxes are vegetarian

Our aim is to make cooking as simple and fun as possible, which is why we offer vegetarian meal boxes containing everything you need to create an impressive feast for two or even ten or more people. Our meal kits come packed with premium vegetarian ingredients, such as Graviera cheese and plant-based umami stock sauce, so there's no need for you to scour your local supermarket and deli counter for hard-to-find ingredients. Even better, we take care of the boring bits by portioning and preparing the ingredients for you, allowing you to focus on the fun part of cooking, and entertaining your family, friends, and guests.

Our meal kits are generous in size and designed to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. However, because our menus are perfectly portioned, there is no unnecessary wastage of leftover ingredients. Find out more about our sustainability.

No-fuss, no-waste vegetarian dishes delivered to your door

With the increasing popularity of vegetarianism, with almost one in nine people in the UK now following a partially (flexitarian) or completely vegetarian diet, our meal boxes are designed to make plant-based cooking more accessible and enjoyable than ever. Our vegetarian meal boxes offer a range of adventurous dishes from around the world, from celebration British dishes to classic Pakistani curries, so there's something for everyone. Our dishes are so delicious, we think you'll love them even if you don't typically follow a vegetarian diet.

Our vegetarian meal kits make thoughtful and unique gifts, perfect for surprising vegetarian friends or loved ones. Whether it's just a gesture to show that you're thinking of them or you're planning an intimate date night at home, our range has something for everyone to enjoy.

Menus from professional chefs you can trust

Whether you're hosting a special dinner party with friends or looking for an effortless weeknight dinner, our vegetarian meal options provide a perfect choice for any occasion. With our celebrity chef-curated menus, you can have a restaurant quality meal at home. You can explore new and adventurous dishes, or select more familiar classics from our menus. You're in safe hands with our professional chefs who curate our menus, for example, our Pakistani menus by author Sumayya Usmani and our British menus by Masterchef finalist Jack Lucas.

Make cooking fun again with a vegetarian meal box from Cookaway