Our Chefs

  • Jack Lucas

    The Celebration Cookaway

  • Nidhi Verma

    The Indian Cookaway

  • Sara Danesin

    The Italian Cookaway

  • May Simpkin

    The Healthy Cookaway

  • Claire Hutchings

    The Spanish Cookaway

  • Reiko Hashimoto

    The Japanese Cookaway

  • Sumayya Usmani

    The Pakistani Cookaway

meet our chefs

The Cookaway Chefs have one thing in common: they are all experts in creating fresh, home-cooked food with a strong connection to their heritage.

Each chef specialises in a different cuisine, and has created a unique set of Cookaway menus to take you on a culinary adventure. The Cookaway Chefs can help you master the flavours of the Mediterranean or teach you the secret to using spices. They’ll take you out of your rut and around the world on a whistle-stop tour of flavour and fun.

Jack Lucas

the Celebration

By Jack Lucas

Nidhi Verma

the Indian

By Nidhi Verma

Sara Danesin

the Italian

By Sara Danesin

May Simpkin

the Healthy

By May Simpkin

Claire Hutchings

the Spanish

By Claire Hutchings

Reiko Hashimoto

the Japanese

By Reiko Hashimoto

Sumayya Usmani

the Pakistani

By Sumayya Usmani