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Our meal boxes make Malaysian cooking more manageable

Drawing inspiration from Chinese, Indian and other cultures, Malaysian cooking combines rich flavours and delicate aromas to form delightfully zingy and harmoniously spiced dishes. Our Malaysian meal boxes are the perfect place to start your culinary education of this diverse and exciting country, whether you choose a rendang, laksa, or something else!

From bustling cities to serene beaches, these recipes give you a taste of the true Malaysia, at home.

Demystify Malaysian cooking and master unique menus from Chicken Rendang to our exciting Night Market Experience.

Masterchef winner Ping Coombes menu combines traditional recipes with authentic ingredients

Whether your experience of Malaysian food starts and ends at Rendang, or you've toured the country and know its dishes well, allow Ping Coombes' Cookaway to transport you to southeast Asia. Our recipe kits contain authentic ingredients and recipes to bring Malaysian flavours to your dining table with minimal fuss.

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