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  • Peter Meechan

    The Scottish Cookaway

  • Jack Lucas

    The British Cookaway

  • Irini Tzortzoglou

    The Greek Cookaway

  • Reiko Hashimoto

    The Japanese Cookaway

  • Ping Coombes

    The Malaysian Cookaway

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    The Spanish Cookaway

  • Sumayya Usmani

    The Pakistani Cookaway

  • Nidhi Verma

    The Indian Cookaway

The Scottish Cookaway

Premium ingredients, professional cooking techniques and high-quality cuts of meat elevate food to a fine dining experience that will impress any dinner guest. I like to create recipes that combine interesting flavours and textures so that every bite is savoured and each ingredient shines. Being Scottish, I naturally wanted to showcase some of our fabulous dishes alongside delicious regional produce from around the rest of Britain. My menus are a labour of love, perfect for keen cooks who are looking to challenge their culinary skills and impress their friends and family.

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My story

I come from a historical town called Falkirk in the central lowlands of Scotland. I have enjoyed cooking from a young age and used to cook with my dad who worked as a chef in Indian restaurants and inspired me to pursue a career in food. From the moment I started my first job as a chef, I was instantly hooked. I asked a million questions and wanted to know everything there is to know about food and cooking. Over the years, being surrounded by experienced chefs inspired me to join the legendary Gleneagles Hotel where I honed my skills and to this day enjoy working with great produce in a fine dining environment. Entering the World Young Chef Young Waiter competition in 2020 was an amazing experience and winning the highly competitive competition was one of the proudest moments of my career. I’m excited to bring some of my favourite Scottish ingredients and winning dishes to your dinner tables.

Signature dish?

Scotland is famous for its world class wild venison. I absolutely love cooking, and eating it!

Favourite comfort food?

It's got to be mac and cheese. Loaded with mature cheddar and a golden cheese crust on top.

Secret ingredient?

A good quality parmesan is a great seasoning for most dishes.