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Engage your team with The Cookaway

Boost employee morale and get your team to connect creatively through our unique food experiences. Whether it’s a virtual team or company-wide cookalong event that you are looking to hold or a small in-person team cooking experience we have the perfect offering.

Participants will enjoy the satisfaction of learning about a new culture through its cuisine and cooking and sharing a delicious dish together. Our award-winning recipe boxes are also perfect for gifting to clients and employees!


A cracker of an event! Thank you to The Cookaway and their incredibly talented chef Claire Hutchings for a fantastic distance event in which HP partners and business managers learned to cook some delicious canapes!


Ways you can work with us

Virtual Cookalong events

Gather your hybrid or remote working team for a fun, engaging and immersive cookalong experience. Extras available such as bespoke aprons, paired drinks and competitions.

Bespoke ‘Powered by The Cookaway’ Events

Personalised menu creation with bespoke and end-end event services .Delivering bespoke events of any scale. product fulfillment, order processing, tech support customer support and content creation as well as event setup

Recipe Box Gifting

Gift our recipe boxes to employees, members or clients. Choose to provide gift codes for recpients to be able to use as and when they want. Recipients will be able to choose from 180+ recipes.

In person experiences

Organise intimiate cookery experiences for your team with our London based chefs. We also have capabilities to hold Supper Clubs and live cooking demos.

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What we do

Regular Cookalongs

One-off or a regular calendar of cookalongs that can take place throughout the year to gather and motivate your team

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Key Milestones / Rewarding

Treat employees, team or clients to a Cookaway box to mark key milestones or reward as part of your rewards programme.


Diversity & Inclusion

Our experiences integrate perfectly into D&I initiatives. Improve inclusion and educate in a fun and engaging way.


Bespoke Concepts

Bespoke event planning or bespoke recipe boxes for your project with our branding, tech and fulfillment capabilities.

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Care & Wellbeing

Gift our recipe boxes to employees as part of your wellbeing initiative or hold a health & wellbeing focussed cookalong!


Client Entertaining

Hold a cookalong to entertain your corporate clients of VIP members. We can pull out all the stops with the boxes and events.

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Cookalong with colleagues & clients FAQs