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Three box bundle
Taste of Japan

Take your tastebuds on a cultural holiday with our ‘Taste of Japan’ three box bundle.

Taste of Japan bundle

Specially created by Kyoto native Reiko Hashimoto, discover recipes for Katsu Curry, home-made Sushi (veggie or seafood) and Sticky Ginger Meatballs, all bursting with beautiful, subtle flavours. Suitable for all abilities, the recipes come with easy-to-follow instructions and all premium ingredients.

Japanese diet is one of the healthiest and yet one of the most delicious in the world. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking Japanese cuisine with confidence and enjoying this fresh and elegant way of eating.

Bundle includes:

  • Three recipe boxes of your choice for two or four people
  • Paired bottle of wine and box of Wille's Cacao chocolates with the first box
  • Curated by Kyoto native and cookbook author Reiko Hashimoto
  • Discover universally appealing Japanese recipes
  • Your choice of menus from our handpicked recipes including Chicken Katsu Curry, Sushi Box (veggie or seafood) and Sticky Ginger Meatballs
  • Step-by-step instructions and all the ingredients needed
  • No subscription, free delivery
  • Choose a different delivery date for each box.

Taste of Japan bundle

Try a Japanese Cookaway experience and a whole new world will open up to you. Choose from our selection of menus including Oyako Donburi, Teriyaki Salmon and Chicken Katsu Curry.

Reiko’s recipes have beautiful, subtle flavours and are simple to cook. Enjoy experimenting with our Japanese hero ingredients including wasabi, shichimi and sake.

She’ll guide you through any unfamiliar ingredients or methods, so before you know it you’ll be cooking Japanese cuisine with confidence and enjoying this fresh and elegant way of eating.

Learn to make perfectly seasoned sushi rice and try your hand at rolling two different types of sushi rolls with your complimentary bamboo rolling mat and serve with traditional accompaniments of wasabi, soy and palette cleansing pickled ginger.

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